Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swim again?

So I defy doctor's orders and go swim. I'm supposed to "forget about exercising and dieting" for now. hahaha...what doctor ever says that?? I've never heard that from anyone, let alone a doctor!

I'm still in a wee bit of pain despite the painkillers I took a couple of hours ago, but I'm in desperate need of some thinking time. I had been pushing through the pain and the fatigue for the last few weeks, doubling up on treadmill and swimming so I am not using my thyroid problem as a poor excuse for lying around. Come to find out, maybe it's not my thyroid that is making me tired. Well, who knows? A combination of everything? Who cares, until tomorrow? That's when I know something for sure.

I wonder if my arms will be sore tomorrow. I do have pretty good upper body strength to carry me through my laps with little use of lower body strength. Using my legs causes more pain. I think I'd rather stay away from that. Lying curled up, fetal position on my bed for hours on end is not really that fun. Been there, done that. On top of that I can't even fall asleep and the mind wanders. Worse for wear.

I did OK. I felt refreshed after the swim. I swam alongside Zoe's lithe body, admiring her slenderness, her free spirit, her ignorance to the stuff I was going through. I wondered how long it would take me to heal from the impending surgery and when I would swim again because that's the one thing I absolutely love to do. Swimming. It is good for my psyche. And it is good for my body. Especially when I can swim under the sun. It does wonders for me. I wondered how Zoe would do under the care of my parents. Less lip, more respect, please, little one!

Tomorrow. I'll know more tomorrow. For today, let's just be happy. And hope there's no more pain tonight.

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