Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just when I thought...

I got my appetite back full swing..I lost it just as easily as it came.

I was free of illnesses and ready to be live my life unencumbered, I get hit by another thing.

I could plan a trip to Perhentian and definitely be able to make it, I'm hit by the realisation that I won't be making it this year. How am I going to tell my tour operator that I'm cancelling on him again, yet another year, yet another health related reason??

life is short, it seems to be even shorter than short! Life flashes right by. Before you know it you're wondering what are the most important things to you and what you have left to do.


So I walk into the doctor's office with an idea in my head. This doctor is known for prescribing "nothing". Just go home, wait it out. Do nothing. Don't take pills, don't do ANYTHING. Just wait. "I don't have enough info when you say you have pain, let's wait and see what happens"

Anyway - I walk in and the first thing I say is, "I need a scan. Right now. I have pain. Every day."
Surprisingly, there were no questions asked, I was ushered straight into the ultrasound room.  I sit patiently in this tiny dark room, waiting for him to show. I see this stain on the mattress, and strangely I don't give a crap. He shows up shortly afterwards and with not much fuss, just gets right down to it after I explain my pain. Pelvic area. On and off pain.

Not even a minute into it, he confirms that I have an ovarian cyst. A pelvic cyst. But then he scans other places. Kidneys, lungs and heart. What followed happened so quickly but this is what I recall:

You have to have it out. 

What if I don't?

Don't ask me that. You have to have it out. And get a CA125 blood test. 

Wait a minute, you suspect cancer?

I'm not a salesman, I don't try to tell you nice things. My job is to think worst case scenario. 

That's all right. I can take it. Just tell me straight. You suspect cancer? Can you see it?

Get to the lab and get the blood test. Oh you know what, I'll take your blood and I'll see that I get the results by tomorrow. Then I want you to get down to KL and get a full scan.



That's day after tomorrow. So I have to have surgery?

Yes. As soon as possible.


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