Sunday, June 16, 2013

Malindo Air

Malindo Air is one of the newest airlines to compete in Malaysian airspace. Their slogan: "Not Just Low Cost". The aircraft from Subang Airport to Kota Bharu was exactly the same as the usual Firefly aircraft, not sure what model that is though. Two seats on each side. And even though Malindo boasts more leg room, I highly doubt it. I can't be sure, but it did feel a little tighter for leg room. The seats however, were comfortable, but not exceptionally large or special. The seatbelts seem to be a lot longer than other airlines though.
It's tricky to look for your seat number. You have to look right up
to the brightly lit light above the overhead compartment
Usually, the journey starts with the airplane reversing and taxiing to a certain point and then you will gradually speed up and take off. With Malindo, this part of the journey was extremely short. We reversed, made a slight turn to the left and then suddenly we were speeding down the runway and before you know it, we're in the air.
Am I in the Enterprise?

The pocket in front of you is up top
so don't  bother to look downwards
where they usually are
The lighting in the aircraft upon take off (and landing too) was nice. Dimmed cabin, with blue lights and even dimmer fasten seatbelt signs. I really felt like I was in the spaceship Enterprise! At any minute I would expect to see Jean Luc Piccard and share a hot cup of Earl Grey with him. Hmm, wouldn't that be something? Anyway that fantasy didn't last long.

Plain Water!
Immediately after take off, service began. Beverage choices were tea, coffee or "plain water". The snack was a golf-ball-sized cup cake. I had a little chuckle to myself when the girl in the aisle across from me spilled her water. The water comes in a clear plastic bottle with a foil top and a straw. I push the straw in, no problem. When I went to pick it up, it spilled all over my tray and my iPad. Naturally I wasn't amused. I found out too late that the plastic bottle is not sturdy so the water spewed like lava from a volcano.

Another thing is - beware of the pocket that is located high on the seat in front of you. Open your tray table before putting anything at all in it. I had put my iPad in it without checking and later saw to my horror that there was a used napkin at the bottom when I opened my tray table.

View of pocket with tray table open.

We landed as easily and without much notice as we took off. The pilot clearly is into speed! No need to really have a gradual landing, mate. Just take us down and speed down the runway as if it is endless. It all turned out well. It was definitely speedy. We got to the Malindo parking spot and alighted extremely quickly. For RM109, I'd take it again but I'd watch out for several things, like I said!

The flight attendants barely looked at the passengers getting off and didn't bother to say goodbye, but hey, who cares? I guess no one, as long as they keep their costs low.

I'm just glad to be home again, in one piece!

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