Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shells on the beach

Beautiful soul, welcome to my life
I am so glad you have arrived
Like walking on broken shells on the beach
We sauntered unknowingly into each other's colourful lives
Our lives filled with unspoken pasts, present lies and future secrets.

She has been to hell and climbed out of it,
Fighting for every moment of sanity
Clawing at sand hoping for a grip
Always hoping but inevitably she would slip
Back into the abyss
Darkness around her

In her despair she found love
She buried every sadness and each painful memory
Wishing that the happiness she found could blanket her world
Immersing herself in family, work and other pursuits
She thought she escaped her past
But did it last?

For many years she would fight the pain
Every night and day it would remain
No sleep for many days
Dark rings under her eyes
Staying in a daze each waking hour
Hoping the despair would disappear
Or even dissipate

I don't know how we found each other
An undeniable affinity existed from the beginning
We walked different paths to where we are now
And the paths never really crossed before
Our connection came through the understanding of loss and pain
And our need to be free of the things that hold us back
We are new and fresh
Yet it somehow seems like we have known each other forever.

I hope that one day she will be free of suffering
I don't know how that will happen or when it will
I know she also hopes for me to be happy
And free from the physical ills that have shackled me
A few days of bliss with her and
I know I love this one very much.


Eventually it will be clear skies again my friend
Beautiful soul, stay and play!
Let's chase cars together.

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