Friday, August 2, 2013

Post Surgery notes

The surgery went well. I caught a huge break. Despite the twelve-centimetre monster mass in me that adhered to some of my organs, I came away untainted by cancer. The OVPLEX cancer marker test results gave my physician the confidence to open transversely (conservatively) because the risk of my having cancer was extremely low. I imagine it was a complex task to get the intruder out and not perforate my surrounding organs. The incision was in excess of six inches. A little more than four weeks later, there is no visible scarring on the outside. At each end of the incision, under my skin, there are noticeable protrusions, no doubt from the internal scarring post op.

I am posting a little shout-out to all the nurses at Gleneagles Ampang on the third floor who were so kind to me and my family during my five-day stay post op. The level of care was top notch. I have mad respect for these ladies who are expected to do so much and yet seldom get the recognition they deserve. A band of doctors also roll through to check on patients for various reasons. They were an incredibly competent bunch.

The past few weeks have been spent taking it easy (missing a planned holiday to the pulau), being generally bored but managing to find entertainment off and on (including watching all three seasons of Game of Thrones) and reflecting on my year thus far. I have had few visitors because I have insisted on my privacy. Ironically, I'm publishing the details for the world to see on here. Hmmm, something is wrong with this picture...hah!!

More later..

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